SQL Server Assessment

You get 5 powerful reports

The true value of this offering is the fabulous, data-rich reports:

  • ROUTINE HEALTH REPORT – shows the health of the SQL server at a high level. Looks at best practices and compares them to the current state of the database.
  • SQL SERVER DETAIL REPORT – documents key settings of the SQL server, including cluster information, DB recovery model, location of critical files, I/O, physical memory, wait types, logins and more.
  • DATABASE DETAIL REPORT – deeper dive into each individual database in the SQL server, including properties, missing indices, fragmentation levels and other stats.
  • MAINTENANCE PLAN REPORT – a very telling report that reveals which defined maintenance plans have been run, the last time run times and results. The report includes the sub-steps taken in the plans.
  • SQL SERVER AGENT JOBS REPORT – This report includes a comprehensive list of all SQL server agent jobs and their schedules. The Job History highlights which jobs were not successful, and why they are producing errors.

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