PCI Assessment

Who needs your services and why

In 2006, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, American Express, and Discover established the PCI Security Standards Council, a 3 rd party entity, to manage the Payment Card Industry security standards and to promote the standard’s implementation of all companies (i.e., merchants) that accept credit/debit cards including all:

Retail merchants: Any business that operates a storefront location, where the customers’ debit and credit cards are physically swiped through the payment terminal.
Internet Merchants: Any business being run online. It allows businesses to collect and process credit and debit card information from their e-commerce website.
MOTO (mail or telephone order) merchants: Any business that operates by taking payments via the telephone and/or direct mail.

The real value to you is in the powerful, professional and compelling reports that you will receive

These documents will help you understand your risks, if any, and serve as your “proof” that you have done your due diligence in the event of a surprise audit or post-breach investigation.

Assessment includes the following reports:

  • PCI Policies& Procedures Report
  • PCI Risk Analysis Report
  • PCI Risk profile Report
  • PCI Management Plan
  • Evidence of PCI Compliance Report
  • PCI Site Interview Guide
  • External Port Security Worksheet
  • Cardholder data Environment Worksheet
  • Network Device Identification Worksheet
  • Server Function Identification Worksheet
  • User ID Worksheet
  • Antivirus Capability Identification

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